Plateforme de recherche en prévention primaire des cancers


Soutenir les acteurs de prévention dans la concrétisation et la validation scientifique de leur intervention

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A platform for cancer primary prevention research: skill and expertise sharing to expand evidence-based health promotion programs and optimize cancer primary prevention.

September 20th - 22nd 2017, Vienna Autria

Cousson-Gélie F., Guéritat J., Baguet F., Sancho-Garnier H., Grasteau V., Regnier V. and Chauvin F.

Eighth EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting.

Cancer primary prevention aims to limit the incidence of cancer by controlling the exposition to identified risk factors. The presently known exogenous factors offer promising prospects for cancer prevention. By acting on these exposure factors one third of cancers will be avoidable. To succeed in prevention, it is important to carry out health behavior change interventions based on robust scientific methods. According to Hawe et Potvin (2009), “Population health intervention research involves the use of scientific methods to produce knowledge about policy and program interventions (…)”. Research and preventive action, while closely interrelated, are frequently carried out by various stakeholders, who have not the same approach concerning context, objectives and evaluation. Stakeholders’ representations and prejudices currently create real barriers to produce evidence-based knowledge, which would be shared by all prevention actors. Moreover interventions based on behavioral and educational theories as well as social model may lead to better understand the process driving to prevention programs effectiveness and to facilitate their transferability in other contexts.

Owing to the relative scarcity of behavioral, educational, psychosocial-based and evaluated program in France, the idea of creating a platform for cancer primary prevention research emerged in December 2015 through a partnership between the three Centers dedicated to cancer prevention nationally (Epidaure, prevention department of the Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute; Hygée, prevention department of the Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes; and Antéïa JDB-Cancer Prevention Foundation in Ile de France). This research platform aims to federate various scientific domains (psychology, sociology, educational sciences and epidemiology) relying on knowledges and know-hows of the three prevention Centers. The platform will optimize the development of research interventions based on behavioral and educational theories in direct collaboration with prevention workers on the ground.